Embroidery is a great way to to make your designs really stand out in a 3 dimensional way. Embroidery can be used on many different items, and in many different ways. Our most common uses are on polos, hats, denim, and leather to name a few.
Embroidery is a very involved process, therefore the pricing can vary immensely from project to project. As always Classic will do the best we can to keep costs down for our customers. Pricing heavily depends on these few factors:

• Quantity of items
• Number of stitches in the embroidery file.
• Size and shape of the item.


Embroidery Process:

The custom embroidery process begins with an idea or a piece of artwork. That artwork then has to be "digitized" which is the specialized process of converting 2 dimensional artwork into stitches or thread. We cannot take a particular format of art such as a jpeg, tif, eps, bmp, and convert it to an embroidery file. The digitizer has to actually recreate the artwork using stitches. Also, because embroidery is in a sense 3 dimensional, some exciting effects can be included to "spruce up" a normally flat piece of artwork.
Once the artwork has been digitized, it is then ready to be put into production. Specific thread colors must be loaded by hand into the machines. The garments must then be "hooped" individually, again by hand, and then loaded into the machine. Once the design has completed sewing, it is sent to the next step in the production process.
In the finishing process, the garments are inspected for quality, individually trimmed of excess backing material and excess threads, then folded and packaged ready for delivery to the end user.