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Midland Clothing Company Profile


Midland Clothing Inc. was established in the 2000's in Toronto to better liaisons with our customers. The company has been in the forefront in producing the highest quality apparel for a reasonable price. It is our objective to provide our customers with the highest quality product and service. One of the main reasons that our company continues to grow is the fact we strive very much to be proactive in our developments. Whether that means developing the newest type of fabric or new apparel item that our buyers may not have access too. Our company is quite flexible in that we are set up to handle any type of woven or knitted garment and we produce items for Men's, Ladies and kids.


We have factories in Canada and China. We are a completely vertical company from knitting/weaving. Dying and cut and sew are all done in one area. We have also set up our own group of subcontractors that are presently working for us only. They must all follow the strict guideline that we have set out for them we have our own production team from the main factory whose job it is daily to follow up the production being done by our contracting group.


We are able to handle a wide product range for production. The items that we are currently producing for each gender is as follows:

Men's: Winter Jackets, Leather Jackets, Soft Shell Jackets, Athletic Wear, Hockey Jersey,Baseball jersey etc. Ladies: Winter Jackets, Leather Jackets, Soft Shell Jackets, Yoga Wear, sweaters, Athletic Wear etc.


Midland Clothing is a Supplier Member of the following industry association.

Promotional Product Professionals of Canada (PPPC) Canada

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Our Team

Tim Gu


Anita Fan

Director of Production

Shan Nathan

Customer Service Manager

Randy Stiles

Graphic Designer, Magnum Jerseys Sales

Cedric Lin

Production Cordinator

Jenne Chao

Graphic Designer

Yudi Shen

Marketing Assistant

Cindy Cheung